Good Is Good – Excellent Is Better

The greatest flaw of the corporate model of education is that it reduces our system of learning to a specific, standardized, set of knowledge based skills that stifle the ingenuity, creativity, self-confidence, and self-respect our children must have in order to be, not become, be successful human beings.

The corporate model normalizes levels of success that must be reached before the individual is actualized. Attention given to the individual skills and talents of the child are an add-on service provided to those who will either pay for them privately or compete for them publicly.

By focusing on the child’s gifts and talents, success becomes a daily expectation as each child, at their developmental level, completes a task that they chose, engaging them in the process of learning. Expressing, in their own, relevant way, what they have learned and how it has and will impact their lives teaches the child to reflect on their mistakes, not feel guilty or stupid because they made a mistake. Seeing mistakes as steps to success, critical thinking skills are supported and nurtured along with the self-confidence derived from “earned” success.

The teacher/student relationship of the corporate model places the teacher in the position of giver and the student as receiver, neither truly connecting to the material or method of instruction.

The learning community, essential to the child centered model, allows a flow of positive communication between and among all stakeholders in the classroom. Everyone learns from each other, discovering and developing the gifts and talents of every stakeholder in the classroom. The educational journey, a path outlined by federal and state guidelines, is shared by all with adults as leaders and role models of a life-long learning experience to be welcomed and enjoyed.

For those who are still asking why we are not providing our children with a child centered education, it is because our current political leaders were educated in the corporate model and believe that if it was good enough for them . . .

Good enough is not good enough, our children deserve an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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