The Political Attitude Toward Education Reform

In trying to inform and enlighten our political leaders as to the state of education and what can be done to improve the system of education for every child in America, this response was received from our elected officials.

Assemblymen Morelli and Gantt are still pushing for mayoral control so that they can control RCSD dollars.

Governor Cuomo’s office refused to meet with a consortium of concerned community activists who have worked tirelessly to research and address the problems education faces and provide relevant, effective, and efficient solutions to those problems.

Instead, the Governor’s New Education Committee produced a list of recommendations that simply reface our current corporate model of education, providing our children with the same failing system of education.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s office granted the consortium a meeting which Congresswoman Slaughter did not attend. Another meeting was requested in February with Congresswoman Slaughter however her office has yet to respond to the consortium’s request.

This is the type of apathetic attitude of our elected leaders that has brought educational failure to our nation. When our elected leaders cannot see and understand the importance of an excellent education that centers of the gifts and talents of our children, then it is time for a changing of the guards.

Currently our government is replete with politicians that have the corporate best interest in mind and are willing to sell our children’s future for mere millions in order to fill the business order for a 21st Century workforce.

It is up to the American people, the government of the United States, to expose and eliminate the corporate influence on our current political structure.

It is up to the American people to break free of the habit of voting for a party and use their vote to elect those leaders who acknowledge the necessity of an excellent child centered education for all of our children.

Our children deserve a government that cares about them and their future.

Our children deserve political leaders who care about them and their future.

Our children deserve an excellent, child centered education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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