Addressing Multiple Intelligences

If some are still unclear of the difference between a corporate model of education and a child centered model, the following videos are offered as examples of those differences and why it is urgent that we begin to address the effective and efficient reform of education to a child centered model.

The Corporate Model:

The Child Centered Model:

Song and Lyrics by Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

There is no doubt that the world needs workers, however there is a huge difference between driving a truck for a living because you love driving trucks and having a job driving a truck because it is the only thing you were trained to do.

Our society doesn’t acknowledge that there are people who love to clean. There are people who love to cook. There are people who love to take care of others and those who don’t want to take care of anyone, not even themselves.

Once we allow our children to discover what they love to do, they can begin to love themselves for doing whatever it is they love to do to the best of their ability. They can respect and value themselves because their gifts and talents will be respected and valued in our society.

Education is not about preparing our children for any workforce, regardless of the century. Education must be about creating a world that recognizes, everything on this Earth is necessary in order for every species on this planet to adapt and evolve successfully, living in harmony, respecting and loving everyone in and every part of our environment.

Whether we have stars upon our bellies or not, each one of us has something to contribute to the successful functioning of the world in which we live. A child centered education allows children to discover their niche in this world and then to use their gifts and talents to be successful in their niche.

No matter how you look at it, we must begin to provide our children with an excellent education.

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