Budget Breakdown

Supplemental Public Excess Cost Aid
Teachers of Tomorrow Initiative
School Health Services
Employment Preparation Education Aid
Bilingual Education
Foundation Aid
Special Services Aid
Employment Preparation Education
Urban-Suburban Transfer
Bilingual Education Grants
Education of OMH/OPWDD Pupils
Learning Technology Grants
Bus Driver Safety
Roosevelt School District
Basic Education for Public Assistance Recipients
Children of Migrant Workers
NYS Center for School Safety
Health Education Program
Primary Mental Health Project
Student Mentoring-Tutoring Program
Academic Intervention for Nonpublic Schools
Summer School Program for Disabled Students
Summer Food Program
Math and Science High Schools
Small Government Assistance to School districts
EXCEL-related Debt Service – $181.76 million ($127.02 for New York City)

Private Excess Cost Aid – $38.89 million
Aid for BOCES – $20.73 million
Expense-based Transportation Aid – 60.87 million
Full-day Kindergarten Conversion Aid – $13.83 million
Library Materials – $0.47 million
Computer Software Aid – $0.96 million
Building Aid – $69.22 million
Competitive Grants – $50.0 million
Textbook Aid – $2.29 million
Instructional Computer Hardware and Technology Equipment $0.84 million
Education of Homeless Children – $3.0 million
Aid for Incarcerated Youth – $.50 million
Education of Native Americans – $7.69 million
Adult Literacy Education – $300,000
Lunch/Breakfast Programs – 700,000

Charter School Transitional Aid – $1.14 million
Reorganization Incentive Operating Aid – $0.29 million
High Tax Aid – $50.03 million
Consortium for Worker Education – $1.50 million
Private Schools for the Blind and Deaf – $2.20 million

Universal Prekindergarten Aid $385.03 million
Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention – $24.34 million (Competitive Grant)
Preschool Special Education – $46.80 million
Center for Autism and Related Services – $740,000
Targeted Special Education Teacher Salary Supplement – $4.0 million
Fiscal Stabilization Fund – $203.47 (One time relief for 2013-14 school year)

Funded Outside of School Aid:
Full-day Pre-kindergarten Program – $25 million
School-wide Extended Learning – $20.0 million
Community School – $15.0 million
Improved Science and Math Education – $11.0 million
Early College High School Programs – $4.0 million

With Building and Transportation aid receiving the largest amount of our educational dollars and the Governor’s budget allotting $3,7l6.21 per student for Universal Pre-K, nearly one-third the national average for per pupil spending according to 08-09 statistics, it is not difficult to determine the central focus of Governor Cuomo and his New Education Commission, the business of education.

We must stand, as a nation, and raise our voice against “BB” and its attempt to control our children and our nation.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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