Old Tricks From An Old Perspective

Rachel Barnhart of the Rochesterian, tweeted that David Gantt has reintroduced the Mayoral Control bill.

Of course he would, we have not elected new leaders. The same leaders that Assemblyman Gantt and Morelli expect to support their corporate agenda are still in power.

Ms. Barnhart is incorrect when she says, “everyone who previously supported mayoral control when it was first floated in 2010 has jumped ship.” Not only have they not jumped ship, they’re ramping up their efforts against the movement to reform education so that it focuses on the child and not their corporate bottom line.

In fact, both Assemblymen understand that there is a real movement happening to reform education and it is gaining momentum. If they don’t get control of the system now, they may lose it forever. And, if “BB” loses control over the education of our children, they can no longer count on their “21st Century workforce” to ensure their profits.

Governor Cuomo, Assemblymen Gantt and Morelli, and every other elected official along with their appointees who support the corporate reform agenda are doing their best to make sure they maintain control of the educational process that has failed to properly educate any of America’s children while concentrating its mis-education strategies on those they wish to remain impoverished, guaranteeing profits from private support agencies that should be free for every American.

No, “BB” supporters have not jumped ship but are taking on passengers wherever they can find them. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult to elicit support from the 99% that are beginning to recognize that their children are more valuable to the world as human beings than workers in an uncaring, standardized, corporate system.

It is encouraging to know that the movement to effectively and efficiently reform education so that it concentrates on the gifts and talents of the child is gaining such momentum that those who support the failing corporate system of education feel the need to push back.

The American people are realizing that “WE” are powerful as long as we stand together for our children, and our nation.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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