With A Child At Heart

Why change from a corporate model of education to a child centered model?

Our current model of education focuses on results and in order to guarantee results you have to control the factors and adjust the variables in order to manipulate the outcomes. That is why the system and its measurements of effectiveness and efficiency must be standardized. Before success can be achieved, the variables must be reduced to their least amount of influence on the outcomes. Hence the exclusion of Special Education and English Language Learners from private charters.

Unfortunately, only a small number of children benefit from this type of system and all of them lose.

In a child centered system of education that focuses on the gifts and talents of the child the results that are expected are concentrated on the healthy development of positive growth of the human being.

A child centered education doesn’t reduce the stimuli in the child’s environment but opens up their world by exposing the child to as many positive experiences as are available in their environment.

A child centered education doesn’t manipulate the variables to control the outcomes but realizes that every option to a successful life must be offered so that the child can discover, develop, and direct their gifts and talents towards the creation of a positive, passionate, proud citizen of these United States.

With trained leaders at each level of the educational process, fully engaging all interested stakeholders, using all possible learning modalities and interests to engage all students, every child is respected and valued for the gift they bring to this world and every child is successful.

A child centered perspective does not standardize the system but allows it to flow within the guidelines of learning to engage the child at every possible level and excite a passion for knowledge within the child, creating a critically thinking, problem solving, caring, kind, empathetic, respectful, responsible citizen who is a life long learner.

A child centered education teaches our children how to control themselves and not accept being controlled by the system.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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