United We Stand To Secure Educational Success

The education community is one of the largest communities in these United States. The members of this community include everyone from the ages of birth to 115 and its cultural diaspora is as diverse as the world population it serves.

Members of the education community, understanding that a drastic inequality existed in education between the rich and the poor, decided that in order to receive the funding necessary to reform the system of education, we must adopt a business model of education that has, as it predictor of success, a graduation rate. This graduation rate was to be determined by passing a standardized test that measured the amount of knowledge students acquired in a particular subject at a particular time in relation to a particular set of prescribed standards. It was the intent of the business model to “make good workers” out of our children and graduate them, happily, into the work-a-day world of minimum wage.

Members of the education community are now beginning to realize that the business model of education, run by corporate America, has removed the imagination and creativity of our children and turned them into standardized worker-bees.

Members of the education community must now unite and raise their political voice to stop the continued standardization of our children by supporting only those candidates who understand and believe that to efficiently and effectively reform education, we must move to a child centered system of education that focuses on the gifts and talents of the child to ignite their passion for learning by providing a multitude of diverse learning experiences that concentrate on the arts as the connection to language, math, and science skills.

All stakeholders in the system of education old enough to vote must, in every local, state, and national campaign, cast their ballot for those candidates who have proven that they support a child centered system of education. We must begin to raise up from our ranks, political leaders who know the way to success and then support them in guiding our children along that path.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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