It’s Time

We’re clear of the fiscal cliff, we’ve stopped the train, now it’s time to decide whether we’re going to build a stronger, more reliable bridge and head into the future or are we going to try and back the train up far enough to gain the momentum to jump the divide?

Before we can move confidently and successfully into the future, we must build a new bridge, using current knowledge, understanding, and technology. A bridge that will support states, LEA’s, schools, and school community leaders as they successfully discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of the student populations they serve.

Once the train is moving forward, federal, state, and LEA structures that focus on the developmental milestones of the child according to the principles of the Universal Design for Learning, will allow school community leaders the autonomy necessary to cross their students into an imaginative, critically thinking, problem solving world where integrity and respect are valued and acknowledged.

The train is stopped now and, while back would be a new direction, we must move forward, using what we’ve learned from the past to build a stronger, more reliable and efficient connection to the future. We’ve tried, again and again, to gain the momentum our current system of education requires to bridge the gap and we have failed.

It’s time we put aside our “lowest bidder” mentality when it comes to our children and provide ALL of our children with an excellent education.

It’s time we stop making widgets out of wonderful human beings and move humanity into the 21st Century.

It’s time we move our children’s educational future from the caboose to the engine, understanding that the only way to successfully address the problems we face as a nation is an excellent education that focuses on our development as human beings.

It’s time we provide our children, our most cherished resource, with the means and the opportunity to journey into a bright and successful future.

Before the train moves on the tracks, make sure the bridge supports educational success.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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