Less Standardization – More Imagination

Why reform education?

“Intrinsically motivated students are bound to do much better in classroom activities, because they are willing and eager to learn new material. Their learning experience is more meaningful, and they go deeper into the subject to fully understand it. On the other hand, extrinsically motivated students may have to be bribed to perform the same tasks.” (Intrinsic/Extrinsic motivation and Hierarchy of Needs, http://www2.fiu.edu/~cryan/motivation/intrinsic.htm)

In a child centered system of education, children and outcomes are not controlled by the standardization of the process, whereby changing the process changes the outcomes, a child centered education system guides the child in the discovery of their value in and to their world as well as the value others bring to the world, by providing positive, collaborative learning experiences that focus on connecting the child to their family, and the community, state, country, and world in which they live.

In a child centered education, problem solving becomes second nature and critical thinking is once again a component of the common sense we all aspire to acquire.

The business model of education standardizes our children’s educational experiences, using data bits and dollar signs to control the process of education while continually failing to provide our nation’s children with the self-control, knowledge, skills, motivation, and civic-mindedness necessary to be successful in today’s world.

To move forward as a nation, our children must be able learn from and adapt to any new environment. A child centered education removes the external controls and frees the imagination by providing a plethora of diverse educational experiences that allow all stakeholders in the process to flourish in their niche.

It is only through the excellent education of our children in a child centered system of education that the freedom of imagination necessary to lead mankind successfully into the future will be discovered, nurtured, and respected in ALL children.

We are not machines, we are human beings. We do not come in standard shapes and sizes, molded by some external locus of control and neither should the education we provide our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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