Addressing Multiple Intelligences

If some are still unclear of the difference between a corporate model of education and a child centered model, the following videos are offered as examples of those differences and why it is urgent that we begin to address the effective and efficient reform of education to a child centered model. The Corporate Model: The […]

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Picture This

The following is offered to provide clarity between a child centered and corporate model of education. A successful graduate of the corporate model of education is now working and supporting a family. Asked to buy mushrooms for the family meal, the young adult enters Wegmans in Pittsford and heads towards the vegetable section where the […]

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Budget Breakdown

Unchanged: Supplemental Public Excess Cost Aid Teachers of Tomorrow Initiative School Health Services Employment Preparation Education Aid Bilingual Education Foundation Aid Special Services Aid Employment Preparation Education Urban-Suburban Transfer Bilingual Education Grants Education of OMH/OPWDD Pupils Learning Technology Grants Bus Driver Safety Roosevelt School District Basic Education for Public Assistance Recipients Children of Migrant Workers […]

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NYS Education Budget Breakdown

Before analyzing Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget it is important to recognize that the Governor has yet to fulfill the State’s financial commitment under the Contract for Excellence so there is no guarantee that should the proposed budget be ratified, any agreements will be honored. In the Description of 2013-14 New York State Executive Budget Recommendations […]

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Stronger Children = Stronger Voice

Recently, the news reported that a RCSD Physical Education teacher was charged with child endangerment for an incident that occurred in the 2005-2006 school year. Parents were upset because they were not notified. The question here is not whether parents were properly informed, they weren’t, they never have been, the question here is when did […]

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