Balancing Education

When we think of balance, we think of a scale, weighing out two objects, taking a little here, adding a little there to bring the point of the balance as close to zero as possible. This is our current system of education, balancing the knowledge imparted to our children against the bubbles filled in on […]

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The Perfect Gift

When buying a gift for someone, do you think of the person or do you think of the cost of the gift? Generally, the relationship between the giver and the giftee dictates the buying perception. The closer the relationship, the more expensive the gift, money doesn’t matter, the person matters. In education, we have always […]

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Believe In Education

Belief: A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing; conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence. Teaching our children to believe in themselves requires nothing more than showing them they […]

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Back To The “CC” Common Core

The debate as to the relevance of the common core standards seems to be somewhat misguided. Should there be standards, there is no doubt of that. There must certainly be a “blueprint” of the expectations of all stakeholders in the process of education. It is this understanding that makes the current common core standards inefficient […]

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Self Control vs Gun Control

“Self control is the key to self respect.” Each school day began with this saying. Each time there was a transition, the teacher would say, “Remember,” and the children would reply, “Self control is the key to self respect.” Upon arrival at the transition destination the teacher would say, “Do the right thing,” and the […]

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What They Do Is What We Get

Fred Tanksley, a RCSD parent and community activist said something very wise at the public hearing on the Superintendent’s Facilities Modernization Plan. Mr. Tanksley said, “As parents we send our children to the district for you to assist us in the education of our children.” It is the expectation of parents that the school district […]

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Learning To Love

When a tragedy like that in Connecticut happens, people tend to want to know why. It is not the why that is important, but the what that led up to the why. What happened in this mother’s life, in this young man’s life, in this family’s life that precipitated such hate within them for themselves […]

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