Can You Hear Us Now!

Following the speakers at last night’s Board business meeting, Superintendent Vargas gave his report to the community. Commissioner Elliott was concerned that only an estimated 20% percent of students will be engaged in extra learning opportunities. She was more concerned with time on task than the increase in instructional time suggested by the superintendent. Is […]

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Accountability Requires Accountability

This year more elementary schools have become K-8 schools and All City High was created. Dag Hammerskold School #6 was closed and Helen Barrett Montgomery School #50 was put in its place. Freddie Thomas is housing the Montessori School and Kindergarten is now mandatory with attendance rules applicable. There have been many changes in the […]

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SNAFU – Situations Normal-All Fouled Up, means exactly what it implies. Reports from all over the district, elementary to high school tell of the district starting the school year “all fouled up”, there aren’t enough qualified teachers so the district is pulling substitutes from anywhere they can find them, but that’s normal. The beginning of […]

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Good, Bad, or Indifferent

One important aspect of the Chicago contract was the bullying article. This clause was not about children bullying children, but principals and administrators, bullying teachers. Karen Lewis, CORE member and CTU President gives an example of the bullying teachers receive when they don’t “do what they’re told”. A Nationally Board certified teacher, teaching 7th and […]

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Won’t Back Up

On September 28, 2012, the movie “Won’t Back Down” will play in theaters across America. For those that have been diligent in the struggle to reform education, this movie represents another extravagant attempt by “BB” to sway the opinion of the general public against public education with “movie truths” instead of the real truth. The […]

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