Two For None

Racism and poverty are so closely connected that their reliance on each other create a bond as strong as a DNA molecule. Together, racism and poverty are the structural basis for the foundation of big business profits. The only real threat to the success of the ultimate plan of “BB” is an educated populous. An […]

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The Price Of Humanity

Standardize: To cause to conform to a standard. To evaluate by comparing with a standard. The original intent of the standardized test in education was to determine the college eligibility of students. In 1965 ESEA was passed and President Johnson allocated $3 billion dollars for education. Title 1 was born of this initiative. Robert Kennedy […]

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Why Have All The Children Gone

Why aren’t parents sending their children to school? Why don’t children want to go to school? What is the point? Go to school, don’t go to school, you’re pushed through the system either way. School isn’t a place where you go to receive an education, it’s where you wait out your time until you’re released; […]

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The Stage Is Set

In his article, “Starving the Future”, Charles Blow points out some startling realities about education in America compared to China and India. It is unclear how our elected and appointed leaders in politics and education can continue to ignore the fact that this country is in peril because we have placed more value on the […]

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Don’t Enable Me – Educate Me

Currently in education, a child must be seen as incapable before receiving special education services. First the child is identified as having a need. Then the child is tracked to identify the need. Once the area of need has been identified, the child can be classified. Once classified the child receives those services necessary to […]

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Who They Are – What We Want

The poem was written and performed by Jasmine Ownes. This is the level of excellence of which our children are capable, one that we are dismissing from the educational experience. Through her poem, this young lady exposed the ignorance of hate, and used her voice to show support for Gabby Douglas while admonishing those who […]

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