Errors But No Comedy

The monthly Board Business meeting opened with the recognition of RCSD Scholar Athletes and recipients of the Alberta Moss Scholarship Fund. In his superintendent’s report, Dr. Vargas noted that 10,000 students have enrolled in summer school. Though exact figures were not given, Dr. Vargas also reported that there were many students who failed to take […]

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It’s Alive, But Not Living

Education: The process of educating or of being educated; the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process; the methods of teaching and learning; an instructive or enlightening experience. Schooling: Instruction in school; training, guidance, or discipline derived from experience. It is clear that the schooling our children receive at the hands of the Rochester […]

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Time Is Of The Essence

A year-round school is a school that runs for 10 months with a cumulative 2 months of break distributed throughout the year, without the usual multiple-month summer vacation. More and more school districts are moving to a year round school calendar. The 180 day school year exists because of an antiquated agrarian system in America. […]

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Their Way Or The Right Way

According to the New York State English Language Arts Standards which outline student expectations, kindergarten students should be able to, • Share reading experience to establish, maintain, and enhance personal relationships • Respect the age, gender, and cultural traditions of the writer, with assistance • Recognize the vocabulary and writing conventions (e.g., greetings and closings) […]

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Money Can’t Buy Us Love

By now, everyone has heard of Karen Klein, the school bus monitor who was mercilessly bullied by several teenage boys. The whole world rallied in support of Ms. Klein raising approximately $275,000 dollars to “send her on vacation”. On the other side of that coin, the students, whose names still haven’t been released publicly, and […]

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Follow The Leader Is Not A Fun Game Anymore

On June 15, 2012, Governor Cuomo signed into law, BILL NO. A08131, which “Directs the attorney general to establish a 2 year juvenile sexting and cyberbullying education demonstration program”, BILL NO. A10712, which “Prohibits bullying and cyberbullying in public schools”, and BILL NO. S07740, which also “Prohibits bullying and cyberbullying in public schools”. Not even […]

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