Rights and Responsibilities

The Policy Committee was presented with two draft revisions of Policy 1510: District Policy Against Harassment of Students or Employees and Policy 5300: Code of Conduct. Under Policy 5300.15 A – Student Responsibilities and Rights, Section 1 states: All district students have the responsibility to: Work to the best of their own ability in all […]

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LAISSEZ-FAIRE Has Created Lots Of Failure

LAISSEZ-FAIRE: A doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights. A philosophy or practice characterized by a usually deliberate abstention from direction or interference especially with individual freedom of choice and action. It has been said by Board members time and time again that […]

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Back To The Drawing Board

The discussion at the Finance Committee meeting was facilities modernization. There is an amendment to Resolution 713 to increase the debt amount for the Facilities Modernization Plan from $138 to $150 million. In the 2013-14 School year the plan is to move #54 School into the Freddie Thomas building to share that space with the […]

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Expertly Speaking

Welcome to our new Interim Deputy Superintendent Harriet Monroe-Morgan who has come out of retirement from Rush-Henrietta to help Superintendent Vargas forward his vision for our district. The Excellence in Student Achievement meeting concentrated on Teacher/Administrator evaluation or the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR). This new regulation is titled 3012-b and requires a 60-20-20 evaluation […]

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United We Fail

If you had the opportunity to read the open letter to teachers from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan then you now know that he “consider(s) teaching an honorable and important profession, and it is my goal to see that you are treated with the dignity we award to other professionals in society.” He also understands […]

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