Welcome Aboard

The Continental Army was comprised of volunteer soldiers from the thirteen colonies who were tired of being unfairly taxed and forced to live under the British rule of an unjust king. The British army had plenty of money, weapons, and allies. Yet, after suffering several defeats, General George Washington led a rag tag group of soldiers across the Delaware River in freezing weather on Christmas night. The rebels were tired, hungry, wounded, and discouraged. Most had died or deserted and it seemed that all was lost. However, the leaders of the revolution united and planned a coordinated strategy that defeated the Hessians and changed the face of American history forever.

Another group has joined the revolution, Educate New York Now.
“EDUCATE NY NOW! unifies parents, students, educators, administrators, unions, school board members, community organizations, civil rights groups, education advocates and others statewide around a broad-based campaign to demand that our state government fulfills New York’s constitutional obligation to provide all students with a quality education.” Educate NY Now! – Campaign Launch

While the battle must be fought locally, it is equally important to connect with our allies across the state in order to create a plan of action that will ultimately win the war and change the system of education for all children.

As with any war, we will suffer defeat. There will be those who are tired, hungry, wounded, and discouraged. Some will die out and some will desert. And though the leaders of the revolution may themselves feel that all is lost, history has shown us that we must not give up. We must, instead, unite. We must coordinate a strategic plan of attack against those who would unfairly tax American citizens in order to support the political and financial gain of special interest groups whose goal is to create a system of indentured servitude through the mis-education of our children. They have more resources so we must be more determined.

In order to win this war, we must recognize and welcome all allies. We must support each other in order to support our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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