Teachers Are Human Too

At some point it became a widely accepted premise that teachers were somehow less than human yet more than mortal. Most teachers have encountered this phenomenon from children but none ever believed that adults held the same fantastical conception.

Teachers everywhere joke about the fact that children believe teachers don’t use the bathroom and never leave school and that at the end of the day are put into the closet and plugged in to recharge for the next day. They are there when the children arrive and still there after they leave. Teachers don’t have families, friends, or feelings. They can take a licking and keep on ticking.

It is no joke however when adults carry this same fantasy about teachers and support business people, politicians, and lawmakers, in their efforts to dehumanize and immortalize teachers.

Teachers are to be evaluated on the success or failure of the students in their classrooms even though there is no accountability on the part of the parent or student to actively participate in their education.

Teachers are expected to, in one hundred, eighty-five days or less, take a child who begins school with few academic skills, low self esteem, possible learning difficulties, social/emotional deficiencies, no respect for authority, no love of learning, no willingness to succeed, and no educational support from home, and by May, when standardized tests are given, turn that child into a successful, productive, constructive, respectful, individual whose goal is to go to college and become an actively engaged member of society.

This may be possible if it were only one child on which this miracle were to be performed however, at the elementary level, in inner-city schools, there are many, too many.

The community is told repeatedly by businessmen and politicians alike that the failure of students to achieve academically is the result of bad teaching. And, while the community is focused on condemning to death the only hope their children have at success, businessmen and politicians are getting richer and richer from their failure.

Teachers are the solution, not the problem.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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