Welcome Aboard

The Continental Army was comprised of volunteer soldiers from the thirteen colonies who were tired of being unfairly taxed and forced to live under the British rule of an unjust king. The British army had plenty of money, weapons, and allies. Yet, after suffering several defeats, General George Washington led a rag tag group of […]

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Ride The Waiver

Several weeks ago Superintendent Vargas and the Rochester Teacher’s Association were recognized for their teacher evaluation agreement. Most recently, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan awarded another eight states, including New York, waivers that will give these states, “more flexibility with federal funds and relief from NCLB’s one-size-fits-all mandate in order to develop and implement locally […]

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Ch. . . Ch. . . Ch. . . Changes

In the past, finals were given in June and students would patiently await their scores praying that they passed. If they did not, they were either retained or were remanded to summer school. Today however, finals are taken in April and students don’t know if they passed until the next school year and their scores […]

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Happy Memorial Day

With Honor and Respect for all those who serve, fight, and have fought to protect the rights and freedoms of these United States. We are and shall forever be grateful for your responsibility and duty to your country and its citizens. God Bless you all! Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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Let’s Go Back For The Future

Back in the day, going to school was not fun or exciting. It was school. Your parents told you you’re not going there to make friends, you’re going there to learn. You didn’t have to go to school to make friends because most of your friends went to the same school. You probably had the […]

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Teachers Are Human Too

At some point it became a widely accepted premise that teachers were somehow less than human yet more than mortal. Most teachers have encountered this phenomenon from children but none ever believed that adults held the same fantastical conception. Teachers everywhere joke about the fact that children believe teachers don’t use the bathroom and never […]

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