Now Is The Time For All Good Leaders To Come To The Aid Of Their Community

The Rochester Area Black Political Caucus held a “State of African Americans in Rochester” conference on Saturday. Noted elected leaders from Rochester held six workshops, Community Health, Criminal Justice, Education, Housing, Jobs & Economic Development, and Role of the Black Church Today in order to gain insight into the Black community’s perspective. Citing information from […]

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Off To A Good Start

While it may seem that there is a great deal of opposition to the appointment of Bolgen Vargas as our new superintendent, it must be made clear that the major objection was to the process not the outcome. Rochester has always been a “give him a chance” community. And, now that Dr. Vargas has been […]

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Oh The Programs We Fund

Each year the Board of Education enters into budget deliberations where they ask questions about the reasons behind the funding streams within the budget. In highly controversial years the community rises up and causes the Board to direct the superintendent to rethink the budget and find the money to satisfy their concerns. Everyone returns home, […]

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To Be Or Not To Be Superintendent

*A correction must be made to “Engaging Parents”, classes have not begun and any interested parents may contact Willie J. Robinson, Jr., Office of Parent Engagement, (585) 262-8362 or email, If there was any doubt concerning the validity of the superintendent search process it should be abundantly clear to everyone that the process was […]

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Gathering Steam In The Movement

Last night the NAACP held a public hearing regarding the Rochester City School District’s superintendent search process. Representative groups in attendance were Rochester Parents United, Community Education Task Force, The Nation of Islam, and the Green Party. Though they could not attend, MAAFA contacted the president of Rochester Parent’s United, Ernest Flagler-Mitchell to lend their […]

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Engaging Parents

The Rochester City School District is supporting and funding an initiative called the Parent Leadership Training Institute. This Connecticut based program has been providing parent leadership courses for twenty years. Their Mission Statement: The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) helps parents become leading advocates for children. It is designed by the American Leadership Forum, Leadership […]

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The Conclusion

Question 14: If there is a conflict between different community groups in the district over a particular issue, how would you resolve it? Please site specific examples that you’ve used in the past. Spencer: One, we have to make sure that we listen. One, we have to make sure that we’re collaborating, we have to […]

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