No Excuses – No Surprises

On January 5, 2012, it was announced that Governor Cuomo “signed legislation this week that requires state and local governments to post materials online before a meeting . . .” Because of this, issues of transparency in government have become much less opaque. In fact, they are quickly approaching clarity. This means that John Q. […]

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Something Old – Nothing New

The last time education was truly successful was when one teacher taught all grade levels in a one room school house, education was segregated, and English was the only language spoken. Way back then all education was special and the expectation was that you did your chores, went to school, came home and did more […]

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Our State in the State

“State Education Commissioner John King suspended about $105 million in federal School Improvement Grants to 10 school districts because they had not made progress, or there was too little progress, on new evaluation systems. King said Tuesday that he welcomes Cuomo’s leadership on the issue . . .” The Governor is holding our children’s future […]

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A Dream Deferred

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr. “Literary education is of no value, if it is not able to build up a sound character.” Mahatma Gandhi In 1949, more than sixty years ago, Langston Hughes wrote of the desperate condition of Blacks in America. In 1963, nearly fifty years […]

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United We Stand

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King! It is important to remember that leaders are powerless to effect change without followers. We learn about the great leaders in history however it is those who shall remain nameless that suffered and died so that the leaders were able to remain in the forefront of the battle, lead the […]

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Let Freedom Ring

Knowledge: Information and skills acquired through experience or education. Knowledge is power. “With great power comes great responsibility!” Voltaire Knowledge is a greatly misunderstood word. People think that knowledge means to be aware of things. However, to be knowledgeable means to understand, to comprehend, to be aware of and sympathetic towards. Knowledge involves an empathy […]

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Politics In Education

We need to set politics aside and put kids first.” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan It seems that politics have destroyed any chance an underprivileged child has at receiving an excellent public education. There is simply too much power and platform for any politician to actually listen to educators views on what education must […]

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