To Know Them Is To Effect Them

At last night’s business meeting the Board passed the CAP policy resolution with a vote of 4-3. While the community spoke out against adoption of this resolution, community members must know that the decision to pass the resolution was made long before last night’s meeting.

Proponents of the program spent many months coming before the Board in support of the program. In fact, program proponents introduced to the program to the Board. They advocated for it at meetings and in public forums. They not only produced data, but a strong student community voice.

It is important for this community to understand that by the time a resolution comes to the business meeting on the third Thursday of the month, Board members have already decided on how to vote and speaking out at those meetings seems futile because it is.

The time to speak for or against a resolution is long before it reaches the full Board for a vote. We, as a community, now have the opportunity, through technology, to make a larger impact on the decisions made by Board members because we now have full access to all public information concerning Board business.

We must take full advantage of this opportunity by becoming knowledgeable about school board policies, decisions, and dealings before the monthly business meetings. We must make ourselves aware of what is happening in our district before the vote is called, realizing that by then it is too late.

Being present at the meetings and forums on the CAP matter you knew the result of the vote without attending the business meeting. Before the election each candidate made their position clear on the subject.

As a community, we cannot continue to jump on the train after it has arrived at the station but must stop it before it leaves. This means becoming actively involved in our district’s dealings, being strong advocates for our positions, and voting for candidates who support our views.

We must change our ways before we can expect them to change theirs.

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