Submitted For Consideration

It is impossible to consider our system of education without understanding the political nature of the machine. The School Board is an elected body and therefore is driven by a particular affiliation and attitude. In Rochester, Malik Evans, President of the Board, Vice-President Jose Cruz, Commissioner Cynthia Elliott, and Interim Superintendent Bolgen Vargas all have […]

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To Know Them Is To Effect Them

At last night’s business meeting the Board passed the CAP policy resolution with a vote of 4-3. While the community spoke out against adoption of this resolution, community members must know that the decision to pass the resolution was made long before last night’s meeting. Proponents of the program spent many months coming before the […]

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He Said – He Said

The power we hold as a people, in our government, depends upon our base of knowledge. To acquire this knowledge we must communicate with one another in order to glean the truth from what is said by juxtaposing it with corresponding actions. Elected officials, especially during an election year, say what is necessary to win […]

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New (Wo)Man – New Plan

Status quo: The state of things; the way things are, as opposed to the way they could be. During the State of the Nation address President Obama came out publicly against standardized testing and in favor or more local control of education policies, contrary to the current idealism of education leaders. During the State of […]

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The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

At the Excellence in Student Achievement meeting school principals were asked to explain their school’s failing status. Commissioner Mary Adams urged principals to be forthright and honest about the reasons why our children are not achieving. The first principal emboldened to tell the truth reiterated what this community has been telling the Board for years, […]

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And The Winner Is

According to the attributes stated for applicants to the position of RCSD superintendent of schools, if Jesus and Heinrich Himmler applied, Himmler would most assuredly get the job. Their resumes would look something like this: Jesus – Education: Skilled carpenter, no formal education Strengths: Love of children, respect for all mankind, successful public speaker, little […]

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