Parent Participation

The following are the results of the parent focus group that assembled to compile their list of important attributes for superintendent. One thing that was made very clear in this forum was that the information being gathered in the community forums and within the focus groups will be used to create the job description for […]

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And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

The Superintendent Search Committee held several focus group sessions to ascertain the attributes and qualities necessary for the next superintendent of our district. The following contains those attributes and qualities the Student Focus Group found to be the most important. Unfortunately, the audio recording of this group’s session was ended before each student presented a […]

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Back To The Business At Hand

This just in from the Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development: The Potential Impact of Revising the Title I Comparability Requirement to Focus on School-Level Expenditures (2011). Key findings include: Within districts that had both Title I and non-Title I schools, more than 40 percent of Title I schools had lower personnel expenditures per […]

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Testing, Testing, Testing

Mic check! Is anyone listening? It was recently announced that state standardized tests in Math and Language Arts will be more involved and longer this year for Third grade. Math tests will be 70 minutes longer and LA tests will be 25 minutes longer. Dr. John King, Commissioner of Education said, “The tests will, for […]

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Ask And You Shall Receive

At the superintendent search committee meeting, seventeen attributes were identified as abilities the next superintendent of our district should possess. Unfortunately, integrity and accountability did not make the list. While some may believe that integrity is implied or that every candidate will espouse to having integrity, it is necessary to state, with clarity, that integrity […]

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