Midddle School Problems Are Elementary

It is evident that the new/old reconfiguration of elementary school to Pre-K-8 is not working. Elementary schools are overwhelmed by the scope of grade levels to be serviced. The numbers of students and the age variances between students has created more failure at the elementary level.

Yes, there is a problem at the Middle School level of education. That problem begins at the elementary level where children are not receiving the foundation necessary for success in higher levels of learning. As more testing is being pushed at the elementary level, less of the child’s needs are being addressed.

It is at the elementary level of education that the desire to learn must be nurtured. Instead, it is killed by testing. Testing that is not associated with the child’s progress but with the dollars a district receives. Testing that determines a child’s failed future, not their present requirements for success.

Self-discipline must be taught at the elementary level. Instead, children soon learn that acting out is beneficial and learning takes a back seat to whatever issue they can concoct. Students who are committed to their education with supportive parents understand that it is the child who disrupts the class that is rewarded by being taken out of the learning environment and provided “special” treatment.

At the elementary level, children are passed along from grade level to grade level, never receiving the foundation of knowledge necessary for success at the middle and high school level. Critical thinking skills are not emphasized at the elementary level. Children are taught how to take a test instead of how to comprehend information.

The problems of middle school begin long before children reach sixth and seventh grade. Low self esteem, bullying, aversion to hard work and acceptance of academic failure, are all conceived and nurtured in the elementary environment.

Our children deserve a school Board that understands the reality of failure and the keys to success.

We must stop grade reconfiguration and begin to teach the skills necessary for our children to succeed at every level.

Vote for change.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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