The Die Has Been Cast

“The die has been cast” was the response of Robert Freeman, chairman of the state’s Committee on Open Government, when notified of the Board’s posting of the superintendent position by Ray and Associates Inc. This community was assured that Resolution 282 was only giving the Board the ability to hire a search firm, not to […]

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Meanwhile, Back At The Schools

PTA, PTO, School Based Planning Teams, School Parent Liaisons, District Parent Council, United Parent Community Organization, Rochester Parents’ Union, Board Committee Parent Liaison, Parent and Community Coalition for Educational Change, Rochester Adequate Funding Parents Facebook Group, and the Advisory Search Committee with parent representation. These groups represent the many ways parents can take part in […]

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Another Battle Won, The War Continues

The School Board, who was adamant about hiring a search firm, has quickly and quietly, formed an “ad hoc advisory Superintendent Search Committee” comprised of parents, business leaders and politicians. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the many, many, community members who have been working tirelessly to “watchdog” the Board to make sure they are […]

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Where Is The Love

The Candidates Forum, at the Third Presbyterian Church hosted School Board hopefuls Mary Adams, Howard Eagle, Willa Powell, and Wallace Smith. Commissioner White was in the audience and came to the candidates expressing concerns about their ability to work cooperatively with the remaining members of the Board once they are elected. Mr. Smith answered best […]

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What It Is, What It Should Be

This weekend, President Bill Clinton spoke at the University of Rochester during the school’s Meliora Weekend. In his address President Clinton said that real education reform was the key to solving America’s problems. Across the district, teachers are being required to complete a “Goals” form from which they will be evaluated. This may seem like […]

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Committment to Committees

The Policy and Finance Committees met last night with full agendas. Commissioner Cruz, Chair of the Policy Committee and Commissioner Campos were in attendance with the Parent Liaison Vicki Robertson arriving late. Items on the agenda included: Parent Involvement Policy, Gladys Pedraza-Burgos presenting, on the language and intent of the Parent Council and their governance. […]

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