To Know Is To Vote Knowledgeably

Tonight’s School Board candidate forum will be held at the Stardust Ballroom on Backus Street at 6:30 PM. The Beechwood forum questioned candidates on; support of the budget – Campos and Evans supporting neighborhood schools – all in favor transparency – all in favor condom distribution in schools – Evans, and Flagler against, the others […]

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Don’t Get By, Rise Above

Integrity is a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Integrity is the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. On September 2, 2011, Rochester’s children will begin another school year. The environment they enter will be the sole responsibility of the adults that have chosen to educate them. Regardless of […]

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Who Do You Trust?

This weekend, millions if not billions of dollars were spent, by those who would trust the “experts”, in preparing for a horrific hurricane. People boarded up, packed up, and bought up, their homes, belongings, and survival gear to prepare for what the experts said was going to be a monster of a storm. Yes, better […]

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Threshold Candidates Forum – Part IV

This is the final post for the this candidate’s forum report. Should any candidate feel that their position was mis-represented in this and any previous post, please feel free to comment on and/or correct any statement made. Again, due to time constraints, Threshold limited responses to only four candidates per question. Question: Did you know […]

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Threshold School Board Candidate Forum-Part II

Question: Do you support a greater collaboration between schools and community organizations and how would implement that? Eagle: We must build a collaborative movement which must include parents, educators, students, politicians, business people, any one else who claims to be interested in bringing about change. Nothing can happen without widespread collaboration like we’ve never seen […]

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Threshold Youth Leadership School Board Candidate Forum – Part I

Rochester’s first youth led School Board Candidate forum was hosted by Threshold’s youth leaders at the Frederick Douglass Resource Center. Candidates in attendance were Mary Adams, Howard Eagle, Ernest Flagler, Mia Hodgins, Wallace Smith, and Allen Williams with Willa Powell and Glenny Williams arriving after the program began. The focus of the forum was to […]

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