Neighborly Advice

Research shows that the benefits of neighborhood schools are many. As the Board has learned, going back to the neighborhood school saves millions. Children attending elementary school in their neighborhood creates a connection between them and their school. There is also a family connection involved. Parents are more likely to be involved in their child’s […]

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The Wheels On The Bus

By adopting the neighborhood school concept the district can save $10 million dollars for one year and $5 million dollars each year by redefining the distance parameters. With those savings money can be placed back into the community by hiring crossing guards for our students thereby making it safe for our children to walk to […]

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Just The Facts

There were three Board committee meetings last night, Board Governance and Development which is Chaired by Melisza Campos, Policy Development and Review, Chaired by Jose Cruz, and the Finance and Resource Allocation Committee, Willa Powell Chair. To the credit of the district, agendas were available for both the Policy and Finance committee meetings. The first […]

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The Game of Life

In the game of chess it is the duty of every piece to defend the king. Each piece has special power, can move in a special way, provides a particular mode of defense. Of all the pieces, the king is the most powerless. The king can only move one square, in one direction, at one […]

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Then and Now

Willa Powell was first elected to the Board in 1997, left and was appointed again in 2003. NYSED did not begin to collect comprehensive district and school data until 2001. In 2001, student enrollment was 37,885, 6.5% were limited English proficient, 67.2% were eligible for free lunch, the dropout rate was 9.9%, 6.1% higher than […]

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Una Vita Una Occasio!

From July 28-31, 2011 a Save Our Schools march, rally, and congress will be held in Washington, DC. The goal, “We’re putting the Public back in public schools!” This national movement to remove the tentacles of big business from the bowels of public education expresses how dire the problem of the mis-education of our children […]

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