The Lies, The Budget, The Teens, Oh My!

Commissioner White asked Jerome Underwood the cost of restructuring K-6 schools into K-8 schools, his answer was approximately $250K per building. To convert K-6 buildings into K-8 buildings requires major renovations. Science labs must be added, band rooms, lockers, SmartBoards, parking space, sports fields, etc. To expect this community to believe that any contractor would […]

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The Devil’s in the Details

During a recent budget meeting, district cabinet members were asked to explain the salary increase information presented at the public budget hearing on April 12th. Deputy Superintendent Scanlan said that the information was misleading and that for one year the total salary earned was not reported which made the next year’s salary report appear larger […]

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We The People

“Not if I have anything to do with it.” That’s a quote from Commissioner Van White , referring to this community’s rejection of Superintendent Brizard’s reform proposals. Has Commissioner White forgotten that he is a public servant? We have heard the same type of arrogance from other Board members as well. President Evans exhibited his […]

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It’s All Clear Now

Another budget meeting was held last night and even thought Brizard was in the building, he chose not to attend, leaving his “highly qualified” staff to take the heat. Questions were raised about why no one has contacted an independent auditor to review the budget and no clear answer was offered. No surprises yet! Commissioner […]

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Brizard is Gone, Now What?

It’s official, Brizard has taken the job in Chicago.  We wish him well.  Unfortunately, he left behind a legacy in Rochester that still looms large over the heads of the Board and the citizens of Rochester.  The man is gone but what about his plan for our schools?  Earlier this year citizens joined with teachers […]

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